16th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Reads all About Indy on Sunday and Financial Times Success

For those not interested in the gripping world of print press circulation and readership figures, probably best you look away or skip reading this blog entry.

For those interested and, like me, slightly geeky about these things, lets crack on now we have lost the cool kids.

I was reading the Media Guardian's stats for this month and a few things jumped out.

Biggest winners recently of the weekly's are the Financial Times which has increased its readership over the last month by 0.72% and is the only weekly do have an increase at all, albeit a small one. The biggest fall for a weekly was the Daily Express who saw its readership decline by 8.79% month on month.

Of the Sunday's, the Indy on Sunday had a 0.61 increase (may have been buoyed by its £1 offer to mark a rebrand in May) and The People saw the biggest fall with 13.61% decrease in readership month on month.

And the Winner is - Pink

Interesting stuff indeed...

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