22nd Oct 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Recovers After Crisis Communications PR Event

Well then, for a starter I aint naming no names punk... but wanted to give you an idea of what it is like to be in the middle of a media firestorm.

We have recently been working for a company that got itself in a bit of trouble with the press and this has resulted in around the clock media management on their behalf. This also included "fronting up" media interviews and this leads me onto an recent dealing I had with a national TV news crew that I wanted to mention.

I have had many dealings with national TV media across terrestrial and cable/satellite so this was nothing new. What was new was the way one station seems to have changed its TV news agenda to now include attempting to antagonise the person who is due to be interviewed.

Michael Douglas
What is known in the industry as a "Michael Douglas" moment

Maybe it is because the channel wants to see more emotion in its news but the fact of the matter is I have never experienced it before and not wanting to sound arrogant but someone without media experience could have got really riled by this and caused untold damage to their company's brand if they had let it get to them.

As it was, I was quite surprised by their actions, which in effect was the interviewer trying to wind me up by saying terrible things about the company I was representing off camera and off mic.

Once everything was in the can i just smiled and walked away, but it made me think, is this the changing face of the TV news media? Going to any lengths to make an interview spicy?

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