02nd Jul 2006, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Review of June

So June has come and gone, wow it was a quick month!

First up, its been as hectic as ever and we are seeing so many leads come in now that we are having to look long and hard at each one to make sure we can achieve the levels of coverage needed to make each campaign a success.

June saw the start of the World Cup. I am a massive football fan but from a work point of view it has meant June has been a write off in terms of breaking big news stories.

From the month before the World Cup launched the media was saturated with football stories and when the first match kicked off everything just went haywire.

Journo's have been even harder to track down than usual and this means the battle to get companies in the press is made even harder.

We advised most of our corporate clients to avoid spurious links to the World Cup in their media messages and this is starting to pay off with the backlash coming half way through the month in that the press started to poke fun at companies who used the World Cup to try and get coverage.

In terms of our own growth as a company, things could not be better. We are coming up to the end of our first year as a Ltd company and this means we are going on a massive push to get a load more business in before our business year ends...

Now, we don't really go on about behind the scenes stuff that much, so indulge me for a mo, whilst I mention some of the postives from June:

We beat our previous record for new client wins on the design and PR front.

We have been put on the "preferred tender" list for well known TV company, just from reading our site and liking the way we come across! nice... When the next campaign comes up we have been invited to pitch.

A hip-hop fesitval organised by the BBC and Brighton Uni spotted Jilly's viral graffitti-marketing images and we are currently exhibiting some of our work (ends next Saturday).

We successfully jumped through the Business Link hurdles to get on the approved contractor list.

We were featured in our local paper as a company to watch.

We attended the UkBusinessForums first networking meeting, and hopefully Richard Osborne (site owner) will agree we were instrumental in getting coverage for the event across the regional media in Northamptonshire and Milton Keynes.

And as ever, we got to speak to hundreds of groovy people who we would never have met if 10 Yetis was not about.

So, there we have it, June's review.... what's next?

As planned, throughout Year One of being a Ltd company we have relied pretty much entirely on Word Of Mouth to win new business.

Year Two's plan is to accelerate our growth and build on our strong foundations via using more pro-active marketing campaigns. These will include; ahhhh... that would be telling!

We have already seen a number of businesses trying to copy our style, so the plan is under wraps... what we are thinking of doing though is reporting back on every one of the marketing campaigns we do for ourselves to give you an idea of the ROI we saw...

If you think this is a good idea, let us know... I hope it would be beneficial for other Small Businesses (like us) to see what works the best.

Anywho... Its Sunday and the BBQ beckons!

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