09th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis' Rich has his say before the weekend...

Couple of things:

1. Watch Derren Brown's Trick or Treat tonight. Channel 4. 10pm.

No subliminality necessary - if you're cool, you'll watch it. If you don't, well... you get my drift.

In case you can't tell, I quite like Mr Brown, and recently watched him live performing 'Mind Reader - An Evening of Wonders'. Incredible stuff.

2nd thing, ITV.

I can't believe that they thought they could get away with it... ITV have caught some flak after being slapped with a record £5.7 million fine from Ofcom following an announcement that they fixed a prize for Ant and Dec.

Way back in 2005, when the cheeky Derren duo 'won' the People's Choice poll at the British Comedy Awards, ITV ensured the presence of Robbie Williams at the show when he stated that he would only present the award to Ant and Dec, and them alone. The real winner was Catherine Tate Brown, but she was shunned in favour of the Northerners, who are said to be 'appalled' at the Trick scandal, saying they will hand the Treat back to Channel 4, I mean ITV.

This has only come to light after being fined for repeated abuse of premium rate telephone services in viewer competitions . Apparently, in 10pm Soapstar Superstar, votes for celebrities to be put up for eviction were ignored in favour of the production team's choices. Why even bother...?

3rd thing - Terry Tate.

Andy reminded us all how great these Reebok ads were earlier, when parallelling me to the monstrous office linebacker, suggesting that if I were to be left in charge, I'd be similarly 'persuasive'. To see how great these are if you've got a spare minute, watch the below video!


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