03rd Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis' Rich has much of relevance to say...

There's so much to blog about, so I thought I'd run a few stories today!

First of all; not too much of a fan of football, but did you see Cristiano Ronaldo's free kick in Wednesday's evening game against Portsmouth? Entirely speechless. Absolutely quality goal, just a shame he's a cocky little rabbit-toothed barsteward.

The 6 Nations starts tomorrow, with Italy and Ireland opening the affair. Remember England vs Wales are also playing, kick off 4.30pm - Gloucester's very own Luke Narraway gets an unexpected nod to start at no. 8, and our behemoth of a winger Lesley Vainikolo hopes to make an impact from the bench.

Daily Mail
The Volcano is ready to erupt.

OK, at the risk of this blog sounding like a Sky Sports News broadcast, I'll finish by giving a quick reference to the impending comeback of the 90's TV show Gladiators! I may have only been pre-pubescent at the time of last airing, but will never forget the car-jumping antics of contestant Wesley 'Two Scoops' Berry, nor Eunice Huthart, who went on to first become a Gladiator herself, then later a professional stunt double for the likes of Angelina Jolie, no less. You know what? Vainikolo should be a Gladiator. He'd stomp new holes for any contestant stupid enough to step to him. On a lighter, less violent note, it has been speculated that Ian Wright is in line to present! Can't. Wait.

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