10th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Said There Would be a Media Frenzy Today!

As I watch the Sky Copter following Tony Blair’s every move on his way to resigning I wonder if the media is going about OTT?
Kay Burley
Kay Loves Tony and is stalking him via the skycopter

This morning they had camera’s focussed on the top of Downing St like something may happen up there… I can just imagine Kay Burley now…

“And from our infrared cameras on the roof you can see the heat patch and that means Tony is having a shower, believed to be at around 27 degrees, now over to Shelley for the weather”.

Anyway, better go as Tony has just got into the Blair Force One jet and is being whisked up north somewhere (hope he has his jacket!)

What is going on?

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