17th Apr 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis says Ewwwww about Worm Grunting!

Yuk Yuk Yuk! Ploughing through the RSS feeds of news sites I subscribe to I found an odd but funny story!

Apparently in the USA there is a type of worm farming called “Grunting”. I am not sure how it works, something to do with banging a short stump into the ground and rubbing something on it and then the vibrations bring worms to the top.

Sounds odd, but it is a thriving business for some people especially in a place called SOPCHOPPY, about 33 miles southwest of Tallahassee in Florida. The village itself only has a population of under 500!

On top of rubbing something on the stump you also have to grunt I am told, and this noise is somewhat startling. Turns out there is a festival for this business as well.

Bearded Grunter!
Are we really shocked to see this Worm Grunter has a beard?

Any who, nothing to do with Marketing, Design or PR even… but quite amusing nonetheless.

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