06th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Says; uh ma gawd - I cant burlieve eet - Banksy Art Robbery

In a way that I am sure more intelligent people than I will consider to be ironic, "underground" artist Banksy has had a load of his pictures stolen from an art gallery called Artrepublic in Brighton.

Apparently 9 limited edition prints worth £10k were half hinched over the last few weeks in two robberies. Ganster Rat, Welcome to Hell, Morons, Jack & Jill, and Napalm were all stolen.

I wonder if this is just a big PR hoax? Hmmm...

Anyway, as an avid follower of Banksy over the years (Ok, ok, Jilly is, not me - I thought he was a type of bitter) it is amazing to see the turn around in public opinion culminating in his winning some art award at the wired "Best of Britain" TV spectacle the other week.

Banksy Work
Making Bacon

He is from our neck of the woods and a few years ago the council/police and residents really didn't like him or his work but now they all rave as though he is the loveable rogue they all wanted as a child. I am sure this is nothing to do with his paintings selling for a squillion pounds a pop.

For those who don't know he is an anonymous grafitti artist (some of his work above). I once had lunch with a journo who interviewed him and he said that Banksy is a former painter and decorator... not sure I beleive that, but hey, all part of the legend.

Anyway, I love his work and I think he may be having a chuckle to himself about this.

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