20th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Says Wooo hooo - Another Free Starbucks Day

As I put on our last recruitment advert, we have a Starbucks charge card and we are not afraid to use it! One of the upsides of having a charge card from Starbucks is that you don't get hit with a wave of crap coffee propaganda, the company keeps it to a minimum and usually it is good news they email you about.

We got some Starbucks e-propaganda through today and smack my thigh and call me Betty, it is free flipping coffee. The last time they did this is was some god awful tasting free coffee, but hell, who cares... Its Free!

The full message reads:

"Hi Andy,

This Friday is Good Coffee Day, our way of celebrating and sharing our passion for coffee, and the work we're doing with CARE International to support coffee growing communities in East Africa. You're invited to stop what you're doing between 2-4pm on Friday 20th July and join us for a tall cup of freshly brewed Ethiopia Sidamo Coffee - on the house!

Feel free to bring a friend – or forward this email so they can join us at their local Starbucks store."

Gloabalisation Rocks When it comes to good coffee

Yey rah... exciting times all round... fancy meeting at the Gloucester Starbucks?

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