15th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis see through the PR charade

Thanks to a great, albeit extremely expensive advert at the tail-end of 2007, Guinness are celebrating soaring profits.

Sales rose by 3% in the second half of 2007 compared to 06; which equates to about 10 million pints. AA meeting attendance is said to be at an all time low.

Guinness' growth is quite an achievement as total pub beer sales last year were the lowest since 1979.

The unfortunate lovechild of Michael Jackson and Bo Selecta's Craaaaig Daaaaavid

The Guinness adverts are always great in my opinion, I particularly loved the evolutionary 'Rhythm of Life' efforts, if only for the 'pleugh' at the end, but have to say that I question Guinness' need to sponsor Irish rugby - it seems a bit like KFC sponsoring Jerry Springer to me.

Funny that Guinness would put a positive PR story forward in the run up to St Patricks Day, isn't it?

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