25th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Shakes Head at Some Petty TV Companies

As you can imagine, as a leading Public Relations agency we are often approached by production companies and TV channels to give the names of clients who we think may give freebies that they need for TV shows.

Now, some companies say yes to this and some quite rightly say no. The TV companies know that they are in a strong position as they can easily turn round and scrub out a logo on the basis of OFCOM guidelines on product placement... but they also kow that they could get away with it if they wanted.

What tends to happen is that companies and brands that don't donate items but who's equipment is essential will have their logo wiped out or blocked from the shot.
Apple Logo
Some people are hardcore brand followers

The best big-name examples of this is the likes of Dell and Apple who's laptops often appear in TV shows on the basis of necessity. Some shows display the names quite willingly (those who have the equipment given to them) and some don't (often those the TV company has had to purchase).

The other teaser that production and TV channels use is to say that they will give a link to the company on the channels website. Obviously the product providing company thinks this will bring them thousands of relevent hits but what the TV companies don't say is that quite often the web link is buried deep in the site where no one really looks.

I guess what I am saying is, all companies need to take care when deciding if the ROI will be good from lending or gifting items to a TV company... it is not always plain sailing.

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