02nd Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Signs Petition & Heads off for Urgent Sexual Harassment Training

Only the other day, whilst I was watching a secret tape I had video'd of one of our employees running around naked (it was Hugo - see pics below), I was wondering if there was any actual form of new Sexual Harassment rules.

Well blow me (leave it!) there is only some flipping new laws being chucked at business owners that the government has crept into place. They come into force on April 6 and the nice people at Business Zone are lobbying on Small Business owners behalf to get it put on hold until business owners have had the chance to get ready.

If you want to help Business Zone raise the profile of this, go sign their petition that is on the Downing Street Website.

Yey rah....

Here is the picture of naked Hugo! In this one the cheeky little devil is sprawled all over the desk in an attempt to woo other dogs... he falls foul of the new Sexual Harassment laws.

Hugo Dog
Head of Facilities and Security Hugo The Basset Hound

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