08th Nov 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Some Sad News - Guardian Technobile is no more

Terrible news reached Yeti Towers yesterday. No, Starbucks is not closing in Gloucester, something far more grave. Guardian Technology section is pulling Technobile. I used to really look forward to reading a weekly rant about a certain piece of IT kit but it looks like it has run its course.

My favourite had to be Louise Bolotin's recent assualt upon Skype. Something that I know lead to Skype getting in touch with the journo directly to talk about. Maybe that was the reason it got canned, not Louise's great article, but because in today's litigious society companies were firing off legal leg breakers to the newspaper in response to the articles?

What is all the Skype about?

Maybe the companies should have spent more time trying to make sure their pieces of kit actually worked as they were meant to and then they would not have featured on the page in the first place.

RIP Technobile... I loved you.

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