03rd Apr 2009, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis spark one of the (light) stories of the week!

As part of our launch for PS3 comparison site PS3PriceCompare.co.uk, we surveyed just over 1000 men in relationships, finding that a third would prefer to spend an evening playing by themselves (videogames that is...) rather than have sexy-time fun with their missus. Think that's bad? Well, the number jumped to 72% of men when the term 'new' was stapled onto the beginning of the word game, leaving women all over the UK decidedly forgotten in favour of men fiddling with their joysticks.

Well, prepare for some fantastic coverage which resulted in thousands of unique hits for the site on Day 1 of the launch, including the Metro, The Sun, The Mirror, Channel 4, MSN and regionals and tech sites all over the web picking up on it. Oh, and so far it's had 600 Diggs, which the geeks amongst us will understand is good, I'm told.

The Metro

The Sun

Pocket Lint

The Scotsman


Part two next...

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