08th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Another Botched Football Public Relations Campaign

The football industry has some of the most talented public relations people out there and this morning the club PR's must be banging their heads against the wall after the Premier Leagues chiefs bungled yet another media situation.

The Premier League wants to go on tour, kind of like the NFL when it came to the UK, but instead of quietly introducing the idea to a few key journo's and testing their reaction they went out for a full blown announcement and the general population of the UK has turned against them and rubbished the idea.

The good details about the proposal have been lost in the speculation about the money it will raise and where it will go. Each of the 20 clubs rumoured to be involved are allegedly due to cash in to the tune of £5m each.

Premier League
One Nil to the Cynics - Premier League biffs it up again

Another odd media day for football... even the new England Manager is said to be against it.

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