16th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Celebrity in need of Public Relations Advice

Poor old Chris Martin of ColdPlay, despite having gazillions in the bank, a lovely family and the type of back catalogue of hits that would make most musicians jealous, he just cannot shake of this "grumpy" tag from the media.

He did not help himself last week by Elton-Johning out of a BBC radio interview for a short while because he did not like the questions.

I guess it is hard for him to take the kind of celebrity public relations advice that a PR may hand out given his past success, but if he ever wants to appear a more relaxed and friendly chap, maybe now is the time?

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Shiny Happy People All Around

I remember watching him in the TV show Extra's, and even then he seemed distant and unhappy, despite his quite amusing character on the show.

Still, as I say, maybe he should stick to the grumpy celebrity routine as it has served him well so far.

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