18th Feb 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Impressive Sony Film Marketing for The Messengers

Interesting read over at the New York Times about a really innovative marketing strategy by Sony’s in house promo team, Screen Gems, to promote its latest film, The Messengers.

Scary Film and Odd Sounds
You have scary mail

The film’s plot involves supernatural phenomena that can be observed by children and teenagers, but not the adults around them. Apparently the TV ad campaign features a sound at such a high frequency that only kids can hear it then words to the effect that if you cannot hear the sound then maybe the film is not for you. This gives kids a massive tie-in factor with the film and helps positively position it in the “you and us” situation that kids often feel towards parents and adults.

The commercial is not being aired any more, but Sony considers it to have been a huge success with it only costing $16m (£8m) to make and then taking $35m (£17.5m) in the box office on its opening weekend.

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