08th Nov 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots More Great Brand Management by Virgin

As a frequent rail user I was really surprised and disappointed that Virgin lost the Cross Country rail routes. As any business owner knows, Virgin leads the way when it comes to entrpreneurial spirit and brand management.

Therefore I guess it is no real surprise that the Virgin brand team has kicked into action and already stripped any mention of Virgin off the trains, well in advance of the hand over date.

Now this may make you think, "so what" but as any frequent rail user knows, when you get onto any train there is a good chance you will see the name of the company that used to run the franchise either as an outline on the side of the exterior or inside the carraige.

Virgin Trains
Like a Virgin; Touched for the very first time - when taking the logo off

Not with Virgin, they have given them a really deep clean. You cannot even see the outline of the logo from where the stickers were on the front, and unlike some operators who go through the inside of the train crossing out the rivals logo with a marker pen (no really!), Virgin has stripped everything out of the insides as well.

It is amazing attention to detail like that which ensures Virgin stays at the top of the brand management polls.

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