28th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Petrol Crisis Storm Being Whipped Up - Bad for Consumer PR Agencies

Looks like news outlets such as Sky News are adamant that there will be fuel protests because for the 3rd day running they have devoted loads of airtime and on-line space to talking up the potential for protests.

I can only presume that someone high up at Sky News drives a gas guzzling 4.0 litre car or alike.

I am actually up for a protest, of sorts, because the price of petrol is stupidly high at the minute and I nearly bust a blood vessel today with laughter when I heard Golden Brown was off to BP and Shell to ask them do what they can to reduce the price of petrol. Why was I laughing? Well, if Golden reduced the tax on petrol then the price would flipping fall but no, he won't do that, not when he thinks there is PR capital in pointing out the huge profits the oil companies make.

He does not take into account the huge research and development costs at the oil companies and the fact that for every oil filled hole they drill they do a thousand that go nowhere.

I suggest the oil companies take a leaf out of the banks actions and go along to Gordy's meeting and enjoy the breakfast but then do nothing that he has asked for. The government should lower fuel duty... just my opinion though :-)

Anywho, why is this bad for the consumer PR industry sector? If there is a fuel protest/shortage the media will be infatuated with the story and bang goes our chance of getting consumer stories in the papers... boo hiss :-)

Golden Brown
Golden tried to get out of going to the office but it did not work

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