14th Nov 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Sneaky Flipping Sage Stealing Our KashFlow Advert Idea

You know us, we love and get on with the world and it takes heaps for us to get annoyed but one thing that does get our preverbial goat up is when someone pinches our ideas.

Now the following may seem daft to you, but to us it is a bit rude. Some months ago we did an advert for the lovely people over at KashFlow and it was pretty unique and generated loads of people complimenting us on the style.

Here is the advert featuring loads of little fella's running round the words "Money Matters":

Lovely Lovely advert
KashFlow's Advert

Now having worked for BIG companies in the past I know that the marketing and ad buying team have software that brings up your rivals adverts as they appear, so they will have seen this advert.

Imagine our shock and annoyance when Sage suddenly start putting an advert with the same theme into the same SME titles that KashFlow targetted.

Here is the Sage one (ok we doctored the logo and phone number a bit).

Sage advert
Holy Moly that looks the same

They have the same style little people wandering round the advert and all in all it is a similar theme.

Flipping copycats!

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