11th Dec 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Some Basic Crisis Communications Errors

I don't want this to read like one of them annoying blog posts you see on lesser public relations agency blogs where someone mentions a service just to highlight the fact they offer it so lets get the plug out of the way... 10 Yetis does offer a crisis communications service.

Right, with that out of the way lets go.

I am not going to name names as I would really like to speak to the company in the middle of the firestorm to see if we can help but a really big company near us, talking household name in its sector, is getting nailed in the media for something they kinda did wrong.

The purpose of this blog is a general blast of advice on how to handle bad PR, especially the statements. The company I am writing about made the big error of including their own name in their statement. This is a big no no as the reader will see it and it will reinforce the cock up with that particular brand in their mind.

Conrad Black
Conrad needs some 10 Yetis love

What is more, it would appear they have not agreed on a position and stuck to it, but instead issued several statement. Again a no no as each media outlet will expect something new and fresh.

The main thing to remember when getting criticised is to prepare one statement, stick to it, don't be pressured into doing a live or pre-recorded interview (media will try and coax you into it by saying it will give you a chance to get your point across) and most importantly, make sure your staff no about anything that is in the media before it actually appears.

End of lecture... nothing to see here.

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