05th Nov 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots Starbucks Copying MyVoucherCodes

Cheeky wotsits or what. Starbucks has come out and officially declared that Christmas is here because they have got their red cupos out and in use.

We all know this is rubbish and it was in fact ourselves and the leading voucher codes site, MyVoucherCodes who launched christmas a few weeks ago with our press release.

Obviously, I am only joshing. Starbucks is now almost up there with Coca Cola for its brand pioneering status. For me, when the Startbucks red cups come out it means Christmas is very nearly here but it is only when the "holiday are coming" advert from Coka appears that we all know it is time to down tools and celebrate!

Here is the Coke Xmas advert... yey rah

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