13th Dec 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots That UK is Finally at Top of Good Euro List

Finally, the UK is at the top of a Euro league table that is nothing to do with Binge Drinking, Teen Pregnancy or Poor Levels of Education.


Us Brits can now be proud because apparently we lead the way when it comes to time spent on Social Networking sites (MySpace, BEBO, Facebook etc - for those who are not in the know).

Only Canada beats us on a Global scale and I bet that is just cos they spend 10 months of the year covered in snow and unable to go outdoors.

10 Yetis PR - image from thinkgeek.com
Predicted as the best selling UK Xmas T-shirt - according to research from Ofcom

All this research comes from Ofcom (gov't comms regulation dept) and other interesting, but entirely pointless (unless you work in advertising) snippets include the fact we listen to the most radio and Japan listens to the least; Europeans watch less TV than the USA and Japan. Spain and Italy watch more TV than the UK though - which did surprise me.

For web ad people the interesting stat was that the UK has the highest revenue per head from internet advertising.

Another stat that stood out was the fact that an older generation of web surfers are now using social networking sites to find friends, old colleagues and school mates and it is not just hoodies and viral marketing people who patrol the means streets of Facebook, Myspace and Bebo.

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