10th Sep 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Spots the End of Flower Power in Hospitals

Earlier in the year 10 Yetis went away with some friends and family, one of which is a nurse in a hospital. In one of the more sober conversations the nurse was telling us that flowers were soon to be banned from her ward as they are potential carriers of germs, dirt and the much maligned MRSA.

At the time I speculated that the likes of the Daily Mail would go to town on this and absolutely batter the poor defenceless hospitals.

Bunch of Flowers
Innocent Present or Killer Weapon?

And so, some months later I read with interest that Dorset County Hospital has now banned all flowers from their hospital wards. And what has been the media reaction?

Seems that after a few moans and groans everyone seems to understand the reasons behing it. Most of the nationals gave it a mention with the majority saying it was a bit over the top but was reasonable.

You wait though, the like of Interflora will be lobbying hard behind the scenes to get this revenue stream back up and running if it spreads to all hospitals across the UK.

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