17th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Squeals Like a Teenager at New Apple Announcements

Chief amongst these, from my perspective, is the ultra thin "Macbook Air" that is now recognised as the thinnest ever laptop, beating the Sony equivilent.

Next up is an improved Apple TV that removes the need for a computer and is linked with Apples online movie rental operation and iTunes. Unfortunately no launch date was given for the roll out of the movie downlaod service in the UK.

The sad news is that analyst's predict that the Mac Mini's days are numbered, a great little work horse that is much loved by everyone and not just Apple fans.

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I suppose the main business headline that caught my eye is that the Apple iPhone has been a resounding success to date. Steve Jobs said that even without taking into account December's sales figures for the iPhone, Apple had already sold around 4m of the sweet little gadgets across the globe and in the USA alone it has quickly snaffled up nearly 20% of the smart-phone market share.

Phenominal... there is much talk of recession in America, but clearly not at Apple.

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