09th Oct 2006, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Takes The Shoppers Bible to a whole new audience

Last week I didn't get chance to post much, not because we were taking it easy and sitting back, but because we lit the fuse on a media story... and crikey, it blew the client away.

The client was David Croissant, and his business is The Shoppers Bible.

The Shoppers Bible helps small businesses to fight back against the supermarkets by allowing them to list their services on the site in the relevant geographic area. Consumers are then encouraged to use the site to find their local supplier to save them having to go to a supermarket.

10 Yetis launched the site to the media on the day that Tesco announced record half year profits and it flew out.

Minutes after the press release went out the office was jammed with calls from media wanting to know more such as where they could get pictures from and when they could interview David.

The first big news was that a number of BBC Regional Radio stations wanted to pick up on the story and we immediately got on the case setting up phone interviews left right and centre.

Then came a call from the Sun who ran it in their business section.

Next up, the Guardian ran it and you can read it by clicking here

Not one to leave a burning story un-noticed, the Daily Mirror then ran it and you can read the story by clicking here

The Daily Mail groups spin off site, This is Money loved the story and you can see it by clicking here.

Daily Star gave it a mention to! You can read it by clicking here

Daily Express quite fancied a bite to and wrote it up. You can see it by clicking here.

One of the most pleasing stories came from The Metro newspaper and they covered the story as shown below:

good 10 Yetis article in the Metro

Big news came later on in the morning when the highly respected Press Association called in and asked to interview David. As soon as they put it onto their newsire it went massive across the entire UK via serialistion in the regional papers.

A few samples can be read below by clicking the links.

Scotland Coverage

South London

Birmingham coverage

And this went on across an estimated 30 regional titles... amazing stuff.

On top of this things went mad on the viral campaign side of things with online media also picking the story up:

Netscape News

MSN News


More and more cuttings are bound to come through in the next few weeks... and yep, a new campaign shall hit the streets shortly!

Stand by...

p.s. even Tesco said that it was good to have www.theshoppersbible.com joining the debate on a live radio interview, just before David went on air!

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