11th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Thanks Hugo for Testing Disaster Planning Readiness

Hat's off to Hugo the cute 10 Yetis office dog today.

He spent the morning skimming through some wider reading about the business and happened across the article written by Business Zone that mentioned our disaster recovery planning and how handy it was when we and the rest of Gloucestershire got flooded.

Having read the article he decided to re- test our response to potential disaster by chewing through the power cable to the phone system we have at the offices.

He did not tell us he had done it (but we did think it was odd he ran to his basket and fell asleep) and the next time we came to use the phone a fault finding mission took place to establish why we we had no outside lines!

A quick dash to buy a new power source and phone meant the disaster was quickly averted.

Phone testing complete, Hugo moved onto heating repairs

Next week we suspect he may test our crisis management media handling by biting the office caretaker.

Have a good weekend.

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