15th Apr 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis think that Glastonbury could really do with some good PR - should we get in touch?

I've got to side with Noel Gallagher on this one.

I've never been to Glastonbury, and probably never will - it's just not my sort of thing, but I do agree that a festival so heavily built on more 'guitar-based' foundations, as Noel put it, should not have a hip hop act headlining. Thinking heads on, organisers!

I have nothing against Jay-Z - he's proven to be a hit within his genre, and successful commercially too, to an extent, but perhaps we need to remember what happened to 50 Cent at Reading Festival in 2004. Watch the video below - it's quite funny in a wrong way, and just shows what festival goers expect from the acts they shell out to see - they don't want 'gangsta's' parading around as if they are bigger than the occasion.

Check it out anyway, basically... Fiddy and the rest of G, G, G, G Unit get bottled off stage. Pretty ghetto, eh? Not the greatest quality, but shows that Glastonbury should probably have taken heed. I know Jay-Z doesn't base every song around 'gats' like 50 Cent does, but he doesn't really fit the bill in most peoples opinions.

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