01st Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Thinks BA Fine is only the start of it

I am not sure why but I have a sneaky suspicion that British Airways receiving a combined fine of £270m and Virgin getting no fine for grassing them up is going to trigger a series of copycat moves under Competition Act whistleblowing laws.

I was once responsible for implementing and advising on a process to deal with the Competition Act (name before it became a law) for a FTSE company and know about the full powers that the OFT and DTI have and think the fact that Virgin have so far got away scott free will mean other companies are going to be shopping their competitors.

Who do I think it will be? God knows, but I reckon the supermarket sector is ripe for one of the big players to break ranks and talk publically about potential pricing collusion and supplier bullying. Just a guess though :-)

Willy Walsh
British Airways Chief Exec and King of handling the media today

Anywho, Willy Walsh from BA handled today's media scrum really well and came across exactly as his shareholders would want him to. He was calm, scathing of those in his company who took part in the illegal activity and basically told it like it was.

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