19th Jun 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Thinks Celebrity BBC and Football's Ferguson Need a PR Hug

Ever since Sir Alex Ferguson's son got hammered in a BBC documentary that said he was trading on his Dad's fame to make some shady deals (turned out to be false accusations), Sir Alex has stuck to his guns about not talking to the BBC.

Last week, when Sir Alex did his Sir David Frost interview and then a public "an evening with" the Scot launched a big attack on the BBC saying that they were wrong not to apologise and had a certain arrogance about them.

Apparently Gary Lineker accused Ferguson of being childish and this has obviously wound up Sir Al even more because he had a bit of a pop at old Big Ears, saying that Lineker was himself childish, evidencing the fact he allegedly got up to a load of things in the past that he managed to keep out of the paper.

Lineker needs to be a bit careful here because there are many many rumours pinging around the media about him and some of the stuff he is alleged to have gotten up to over the years, but that the media did not run because he is a national hero.

As Heather Mills would testify (she was portrayed by the media as a squeaky clean celebrity pre-McCartney), should the slightest thing come out about you, it can open the flood gates to loads of past stories emerging and Linekar, plus the BBC, do not need this.

10 Yetis Media Relations
Gary Lineker in his Prime

Ferguson is a canny media operator, you have to be to have survived so long in his chosen career, and a few well placed words here or there could lead to Lineker's whiter than white public relations reputation being tarnished.

Time for the former footballer, turned Celebrity, Lineker and the bullish Sir Alex, to have a public relations hug I reckon?

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