17th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Thinks EMI PR Agency Message is Good for Music Industry

I don't profess to know the musci industry inside out and we have only ever done 2 music industry PR campaigns and found the industry to be odd to say the least.

I thought what EMI has been saying publicly makes alot of sense in terms of the company has hundreds of staff across multiple companies duplicating roles so why not, like any other private company, streamline the functions?

I also think they are right to be bullish about Robbie Williams as well, I think they both need each other because Robbie's career is stalling fast and EMI need to keep their big names. I heard that the EMI media team, or people close to them ha ha ha, were putting out messages that they don't need Williams and they make most of their money from their back catalogue anyway so he should wind his neck in.

Robbie not happy
Robin Williams Should Have Never Left Take That

All good fun, especially as it is all being played out in the media.

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