17th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Viral Marketing Experts - Its Official!

A cracking weekend so far, been tidying a few things up, went for a barnet scratch and been reviewing where we are at as a business (we do this every month - good excuse to buy cookies and sit on our groovy red couches).

Anywho, thanks to our expertise in viral marketing and word starting to spread, a few weeks ago we got invited to comment on an article being put together by MyCustomer.com on trends in the viral marketing sector.

Blurb about MyCustomer.com so you know it is not something written by my Mum:

MyCustomer.com, Europe's leading online CRM service, provides highly valuable news, information, advice and best practice case studies to help members make the most of customer management activities, achieve core business objectives and help improve the ROI of your CRM programmes.

Our membership consists of around 80,000 members worldwide.

Imagine our joy this morning when the article below appeared in our Google Alert! nice nice nice... What is even better is that we are quoted up there along with the absolute Daddy of the viral world, Viral Factory.

Yeti Article
Tovey is our resident expert!

Anywho, to be called "viral marketing experts" by MyCustomer.com is a huge bonus for us!

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