12th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wades into the Social Media Press Release Debate

Over the last year or so there has been an increase in the use of the phrase, "Social Media Press Release" and I have sat on the sidelines watching it evolve.

Now though, the foremost tech news site, TechCrunch.com has written an article on SMPR's and given some ideas on what to look out for. As you would expect from an American site, it is written for an American audience so some of its ideas, such as writing a release in the format of an article and send it to a journo, would not work here in the UK.

A SMPR is a form of press release but aimed at bloggers and the new wave of social media commentators. From looking at the current crop of SMPR's they contains all the same information as a press release but are designed to look quite snazzy and have thumbnail images, links to video blurbs on YouTube etc and contact info.

Apparently you put these SMPR's onto your blog or alike so journo's can go and get them and read through it as they wish. Alternatively, you can send the document to a journo/blog writer, as you would a press release.... albeit, quite a hefty file size what with the design and the images etc.

Given how much journo's dislike attachments I would guess that bloggers would not want a wave of big docs hitting their inboxes either?

I always say that a press release is only as good as the topic it is being written about so no matter how you get the info to a journo, it will only work if it is interesting.

I think SMPR's will not make it mainstream here in the UK, and will remain a tech-sector only idea, but hey... what do I know - I said blogging would never take off!

Shift Communications have done a template social media press release if people are interested in seeing what I am waffling on about.

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