06th May 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis wait with baited breath for Boris Johnson to provide another hilarious media quote!

He's a funny guy, he really is, and sometimes he doesn't even mean to be.

I read this morning about an interview between him and Asian presenter Nihal from Radio 1 about who was the more 'ethnic', to which Boris claimed he was the winner, because he had "some Turkish cousins". He said he could 'out-ethnic' anyone, and that his children were one (whole...) quarter Indian, with which fact Nihal could 'stick it in a pipe and smoke".

I can't wait for his next witty comment - I have a feeling that his whole term in office will be one long stream of quality soundbites and occasional politics. One other fact was pointed out in the media over the long weekend, that ironically due to provisions put into place by Gordon Brown intended for Ken Livingston, Boris has an increased budget and increased powers. His success as Mayor could be helped along by these extra millions, which would shine well on the Conservatives, and not Labour as had been planned!

The Mayor of London

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