06th Feb 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Waits For Financial Services PR to Support Comparison Websites

Thought I would do a quick post before Rich and Helen take over the blog completely with their thoughts on Britney, Posh and the world of sport :-) The joys of youth.

Big news in the financial services affiliate marketing industry last week when the Financial Services Authority announced that it was going to be looking into the world of financial comparison web sites. This is the likes of MoneySuperMarket, GoCompare, ComparetheMarket etc etc.

For a while now the likes of Direct Line has refused to list on these sites citing the fact that the quote that comes out and makes you click through to the financial services provider usually has little in common with the final price you pay.

Callum Mcarthy will sort em right out - if he does not leave before!

Having worked in financial services I also know that a number of providers are fed up with their quote not being at the top of the comparison site because they do not pay as much in commission fees as the top ones do.

Should make for an interesteing bun fight and one that will see a number of financial services PR people gush with excitement.

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