10th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Waits for HIP Media Onslaught

It is no secret that 10 Yetis enjoys a cheeky dabble in financial services public relations and at the minute the trade press is chocka block with stories about Home Information Packs.
These come in on the 1st of June and I thought I would give them a mention as there is loads of confusing messages pinging around about what the impact will be.
Took them 3 hours to realise it was not a touch screen and just a window

The government has set up a really good site (honestly) with more in depth information, and you can see more by clicking here..
This excerpt from the site sums it up: “From 1 June 2007, anyone marketing a property, or their representative, will be legally required to have a Home Information Pack and make it available to potential buyers of the property”.

So what needs to go in the packs…? Here are the compulsory items:
Index of what is in the pack
Energy Performance Certificate
Sale Statement (gives info on the house, leasehold/freehold etc)
Standard Searches
Evidence of Title (shows you are the owner!)

Here are the Optional areas:
Condition of Home Report (baby sick on the walls etc)
Legal summary
Home Use (boundaries etc)

The Government site says that the prices of the HIP will be set by the market and at present rumours are it will be circa £450.00

Hope this helps

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