02nd Oct 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wants to be Steven Gerrard's Car Accident Public Relations Team

Presumably those who keep an eye on the media will have seen that Steven Gerrard has had some "local difficulty", as I like to call it, with a boy who ran into the road and was struck by his Bentley.

Now, I don't know who does Gerrard's Public Relations, think it may be handled by the same agency who manages Michael Owen but (a) I am jealous and want that job and (b) they are bloody good!

When the story broke this morning on radio, TV and interweb news sites the initial headlines around 7am were that Gerrard had hit the boy and the kid had a broken leg.

By the next round of news updates Gerrard's public relations team had leapt into action and the focus of the story had changed to the boy running out into the road and hitting Gerrards car.

Stevie G
The Boy Wonder - Stevie G

Fair play, that is fairly flipping slick. I can only presume someone like the guru Clifford got in and sorted it.

Whatever happened, fair play to Gerrard for surrounding himself with such good people and hats off to his Public Relations team for nailing it so quickly.

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