08th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wants to Give Lucozade a Branding Hug

Sometimes brands we love go through a tricky patch and there is nothing we can do but wait until they come out the other side looking better for it.

One brand I have always loved is Lucozade. It has always been there for me, from the time long ago when I drank its Isotonic range at halftime during competitive sport (no, not tiddlywinks), educational times where it kept me awake during revision (apart from maths) and now when I drink it as a bloater looking to shake off a spritzer fuelled hangover.

So as yet another strap line got unveiled a few weeks ago “Get Your Edge Back Now”, replacing something to do with brain food… I wonder when the brand teams will hit upon something they like and will stick with it?

Legend John Barnes
Who can forget the isotonic Lucozade “After 90 Mins of Sheer Hell” advert with John Barnes

I am guessing that GlaxoSmithKline are constantly changing the brand and straps as they try to move the position of the drink from being seen as mainly a sport and exercise related one to more mainstream and down with the kids?

It is a difficult one as it really does have the number one slot in the sports drink arena and they can’t alienate this audience whilst trying to make its appeal more widespread.

For me, as a consumer who grew up drinking Lucozade and someone who sees it as a trusted brand I think GSK should concentrate on the sports market and let the sales grow from there. What’s more, why not bring back the John Barnes, “after 90 minutes of sheer hell” isotonic lucozade advert – A classic advert, ahead of its times :-)

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