02nd Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Wants YOU to get involved with MyFootball Club

I know this it the third mention I have given to MyFootballClub but I had monster excitement today when the email finally came through asking me to stump up my £35 and become a paid up member of the team.

The premise is that once the site has 50,000 people registered the guy who runs it would get everyone to pay £35 and then from there we would all go and buy one pro football team that is in the UK league.

Well, the time has come, now is your chance to own a share in MyFootballClub. You can vote on which club you want to buy as well.

I should point out, 10 Yetis is not affiliated to MyFootballClub in any way, I just love the concept, hence me banging on about it.

Go sign up!

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