30th Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis watched Paradise or Bust... did you?

The second installment of the 5 part documentary Paradise or Bust went out last night on BBC2, following the endeavours of Ben Keene and his Tribe. This episode saw the locals and the Tribe working together to create what could potentially be the biggest Bure (big hut to you and me) in all of Fiji. The episode had many highlights, one in particular for me was when we saw Ben without his top on. No, not in that way... just look at his permanent t-shirt below. You see, even after a couple of months in sunny paradise, he still had all the colour of a nocturnal albino, bless him.

Still, the Tribe have much to do, and episode 3 throws a hurricane in their direction, as if building an entire eco-friendly community from scratch wasn't hard enough. Check it out next Monday on BBC2, 9pm. Follow the Tribe's progress on www.tribewanted.com

On a related side-note, Ben's book documenting his first year on Vorovoro, 'My Adventure on Paradise or Bust' is now available to buy here at amazon.co.uk - 10 Yetis HQ can't wait until their copy arrives!

'Oi mate, don't stand so close to me, you're making it look worse!'.

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