20th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watched The Tycoon - I'm Out

So last night Jilly and I tuned in to The Tycoon, ITV's blatent rip off of The Apprentice. Peter Jones was his usual amusing self but the contestents were shockingly poor!

Peter Jones
Tallest business man in history - Peter Jones

The sad thing for the people taking part is that the only thing it can be benchmarked against is The Apprentice. The contestants on the Apprentice would absolutely cream those from Tycoon, they are just in a different league.

No amount of people crying, Peter Jones looking mad and pretty shots of his Bentley being driven round London can make up for the fact that the people taking part are just crap at business.

I would go as far as to say that the researchers didn't look round very much to find people as I know 10 other SME owners that could do a lot better.

So for me, its not good to watch and for that reason alone, I'm Out! - see what i did there?

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