30th Mar 2009, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches as MyVoucherCodes takes on Which?

MyVoucherCodes v Which? is still going strong with more coverage on the way. Over the weekend the UK's most influential marketing magazine, Marketing Week, wrote up the story.

In an interesting move, Which?'s PR team tried to make out that the report made it clear that they had an interest in promoting their own site, citing that it was even in "red bold" in the report! Shame there was no such caveat in the media release that they issued to press (that we have seen), hence the reason why many journo's wrote the original story up as they did.

Here is the Marketing Week story:

10 Yetis Marketing Week
MyVoucherCodes in Marketing Week

10 Yetis MAD
MyVoucherCodes in MAD

Also got chance to talk about the story on BBC Radio and more stuff lined up this week.

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