14th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches as Nike's Rooney-Boot Public Relations Defensive Strategy Kicks in

I must say from the outset, I am more of a Addidas World Cup fan than I ever was Nike Air when it comes to football boots.

Adidas World Cup
Adidas World Cup - The chosen boot for Yetis

Although, in my penultimate season as an overweight striker, ploughing various football fields in the south west, I was wearing Nike Air boots when I came 2nd in the highest scoring player awards. Happy Days...

Anyway, on to less happy days. The Boy Rooney is injured once again. Nothing new there, especially as he broke his foot once again but given this is the second time he has done it the sports media started to ask questions about his boot.

Rooney's T90 none flimsy boot

And cue, Nike's immense public relations machine. I am presuming that one of the sporting giants PR or marketing managers anticipated this as they were ready with quotes and alike for the media the next day - they may have even done something proactively.

Great mention was made of the fact that the boot is frighteningly robust (maybe Nike figures they have to be given Fergusen has kicked boots at his star players in the past) and that Rooney himself was integral in the development of the boot.

I am not sure what qualifications Rooney has in boot making but the fact Nike had everything lined up for their defence so quickly made me realise how slick their PR machine is. Not since the BBC did that expose on Scientology where the druids PR people went into overdrive have I seen anything so prepped.

Anyway, PR aside for a moment, the fact of the matter is that he should wear Adidas World Cup boots, they worked for me just fine!

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