20th Aug 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches Nervously as Guardian Mentions Daily Mail - Twice

Monday's are bleak and horible days at the best of times and the only saving grace for me is the fact that the Guardian's media section is also out on a Monday.

Today's Media section gave a right royal review to the Daily Mail and Daily Express, charting their ownerships, editorial position and differences in circulation. To be honest though, I am not sure why?

We all know the Daily Mail is hugely popular with what is known as Middle England and some of the views it expresses are bordering on whipping up a public frenzy, or inciting a riot :-)

Anywho, there was also an article in the main body of the paper about a journalist called Nick Angel who is doing a "Supersize me" type investigation but on the Daily Mail. He plans to only use the Daily Mail as his source of news for the next 28 days to see what impact it has on him.

Paul Dacre
Paul Dacre - Editor in Chief of the Daily Mail

I for one hope that he has no Polish people living near him during this time, and if so, they should be twitching nervously, as the Daily Mail leads the way in terms of blaming all of societies ill's on immagrants.

His findings will be shown on the Former US Vice-President, Al Gore's digital channel, Current TV on Wednesday. I will see if I can get the channel, should make for good watching.

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