03rd Jan 2008, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches Sexed Up Weather Row

Great news, weather reporting just got more confusing!

I never knew this until yesterday but apparently there is two major weather reporting outlets, the Met Office and WeatherAction.

It now looks like they are competing for audience share because yesterday the Met Office decided to set the record straight (at WeatherAction's expense) because their rival suggested that the temperatures may reach -17C in the Midlands.

The Met Office said it would be cold but no where near as cold as WeatherAction had predicted.

To me this is the start of a worrying trend; rival weather companies intent on raising their profile begin to sex up their reports.

Talking about this very subject on UKBF got me thinking... what do you need to do to set up as a weather reporting company? As far as I know you don't HAVE to have any formal qualifications in weather interpretation to officially tell people what the weather is going to be like?

What is more, weather people don't actually get the weather correct so no one could tell the difference between an amateur and a pro so what is stopping you.

Wincey Willis
A proper Weather Person - You can judge them by the jumper

Moving on, looking out of the window, I can report that today's weather will be cold, grey and generally frustrating.

**STOP PRESS** - Update - When putting the links in for WeatherAction's website I saw how low-key the site design is... I don't think I would take what they say as gospel based on the look of the site -Update - **STOP PRESS**

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