18th Dec 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches Tesco Go OTT In Binge Drinking Wars

Tesco got battered in the media last week with the MD even getting nasty and personal criticism in articles and it was all to do with its low-price strong-percentage alcohol.

Tesco went on its Xmas push, just the same as many other supermarkets and lowered loads of its beer prices. Cardigan wearing groups went mad at this (opportunist PR, just like The Shoppers Bible) and slated Tesco.

Tesco in return went on a PR charm offensive about how much it is doing to try and prevent binge drinking. As well as all the usual noise about customer profiling it went one step furher in-store and now if you look under 30 years old you will be asked for ID.

10 Yetis PR Agency
Tesco in OTT Shocker

What a pile of tripe! It slows the checkout process up no-end and god knows how long it will last as I reckon that as soon as some efficiency bod gets hold of the increased checkout stats the checking age will drop back to under 21.

Every little helps.... slow you down.

p.s. Jilly goes as far as labelling this as Patronising (capital P) for those aged 28 who have every right to buy alcohol but are still stopped because they look under 30.

pps. Jilly is also angry that you have to take your reciept off the machine yourself to minimise interaction with checkout staff even further.

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