25th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches The Feds Bust Some Mo Fo's in Rural Gloucester

I was innocently walking round a shop buying some Yetis refreshments when I noticed some plained clothes policemen wandering around me. At first I wondered if it was related to the incident involving a Gloucester Rugby Club Sign and a shopping trolley that happened back in 1997 and that the feds had finally caught up with me.

I then thought it could be related to Carl from CS New Media, reporting me for an incident involving Esther Ranson and an email violation?

Just as I was about to grab a French Stick and prepare to get out of the shop ala Leon from the film, erm... Leon, the Feds must have had a signal to back the flip off and find some other bad ass to mess with as they all stormed out of the shop.

I stood the guns down by relaxing my arms and went about my business, paying for the snicky snacky snoos.

Next thing I know, as I walk down the street a punk is giving it some jive talk to a uniformed female officer and un beknownst to the perp, the undercover cops were surrounding him.
feds busting some bad ass mo fo
I wonder if he was involved in our burglary?

I immediately ran back to the office, grabbed the SLR and stood in the stairway grabbing some snaps (secretly hoping that I could flog them to the local rag).

Sadly, I missed the actual bust when the shizzle went down, but as you can see from the picture above, I got a shot of all the undercover feds standing round the downed fellon...

I know, I know, I should get nominated for a bravery award!

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