24th Jul 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches the Race to Delete Data the Fastest

Quite an amusing debate going on over in cyber cyber (dry) land concerning deleting people search history. Google shot the first bullet by saying that after 18 months, people searches would be anonymised so you could not tell who a person was from their searches and after 2 years their cookies would eat themselves.

Hot on their heels, Microsnot came in and has said they too will ditch the data after 18 months and on top of this they will give people the option to opt out of behavioural adverts (ads appear based on previous searches).

So whilst these two were kicking each other in Yahoo and Ask quietly sorted them selves out and Yahoo will delete after 13 months and Ask are setting in place a system whereby all user data is erased.

Quite a dull blog, sorry... still trying to get back to normal :-)

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