11th May 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Watches Tony save Kylie

Whilst the rest of the country seemingly ground to a halt yesterday and the Labour party cried into their real ale’s (or is Real Ale too Old Labour) one international celeb was smiling at the good timing.

Kylie had been in the papers on Wednesday seemingly on a date with a married man who’s wife was pregnant. I think this is the first bit of negative PR Kylie has had since she split up with Jason Donovan in 1943 and she must have thought the knives would be coming out.
Kylie and Boyfriend
Kylie serenades her next chap – kiss enough frogs and all that

Luckily, Kylie was given a media reprieve as Tony hung up his ballot box and quit meaning the media yesterday and today was saturated with that news and Kylie had chance to get a bit of damage limitation done.

All I have seen today is a slight NiB (news in brief) mention in a national which was her saying they were “just good friends”.

Tony saves the day again.

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