26th Mar 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Website Gets An Update

Mostly text stuff to give more of an indication of where we're at now, and also a few tweaks for SEO purposes so probably not of much interest to the general yeti readers. One exciting edition however has been the inclusion of our "appearances" on the front page.

On the weekend we put together a list of places our PR and design work has appeared since we started and surprised ourselves by how good it looked! (Pats on the backs and high fives all round).

Anyway, the list turned out to be rather long (we stopped counting at 228), but we cut it down to include some of the more interesting names, some of the big players, and of course our favorites (eek sorry if we've left anyone out - let us know if that's the case and I'll blame Andy!).

Anyway, here it is in a nifty flash presentation for you so you can sit back, eat a doughnut and see who we've been lucky enough to work with so far!

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